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Credit cards

Lost or stolen cards, or suspected fraud

Let us know straight away if your credit, Eftpos or Flexi Debit Visa card is lost, stolen, or you think it may have been used fraudulently. We can arrange for a replacement card to be couriered to you. If you are overseas, we can arrange an emergency credit card for you.1

For lost or stolen credit cards:

  • In New Zealand: 0800 735 901 (24 hours)
  • If you're overseas, call us collect from a land line +64 4 473 5901

For lost or stolen Eftpos or Flexi Debit Visa cards:

  • In New Zealand: 0800 275 269
  • If you're overseas, call +64 4 801 2400 (toll charges apply)

Our cards give you the ultimate flexibility

Whether you want a simple, fuss-free credit card or one that earns you rewards, we’ve got you covered. 

Small Print

  1. A replacement card fee (plus postage costs if we have to send the card to you overseas or by urgent courier) may be charged immediately to your account. Refer to credit card replacement fees and Flexi Debit Visa replacement fees.