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Protecting yourself from card fraud

To help protect your card, make sure you regularly use your credit card in a BNZ ATM to either get a balance enquiry, mini statement, or make a cash withdrawal, particularly before and after going overseas. This is because we have liquid encryption technology (LENSecure) on the card to keep it safe and in the unlikely event that the card is copied by someone, the fake card will be out of date pretty quickly.  If you have another cardholder, you should get them to do the same thing.

Steps you can take to help protect yourself from card fraud

You should:

  • sign your new card as soon as you get it
  • protect your PIN
  • never give your card details to anyone (unless you’re paying for something)
  • keep an eye on your card when you’re buying something and watch for double swiping of your card
  • always take your card receipt
  • only deal with well-known and trusted companies when making online purchases with your card and try not to give your card details over the phone
  • look out for strange devices on ATMs
  • keep an eye out for unusual transactions on your card.