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Keeping online purchases secure

When you’re shopping online, make sure the websites you visit have the following features:

  • their website address begins with https, i.e. and/or shows a key or closed padlock in your browser
  • they have a security and privacy statement on their website
  • they have a returns policy

If the site has all these features, you could be covered by our protection policies, NetPledge and NetPromise.


NetPledge covers you for online transactions you didn’t make on your BNZ credit card^ or Flexi Debit Visa card^, i.e. if someone uses your credit card to shop online without your permission (including someone who has stolen your card).

You won’t have to pay for those purchases as long as you have followed our credit card terms and conditions or Flexi Debit Visa card terms and conditions. This includes telling us straightaway of the theft, selecting a suitable PIN, and protecting your PIN properly at all times.


NetPromise means that if you buy something online with your BNZ credit card^ or Flexi Debit Visa card^ and don’t receive your purchases, or you return the items you bought and don’t get a refund, we can help you to get your money back. Make sure you let us know within 30 days from the intended date of receipt of the goods or services, or the date you returned the goods to the supplier.