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Eftpos and Flexi Debit Visa


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Home loans

Memorandum of Mortgage

Home Loan Facility Master Agreement

We are making changes to the Home Loan Facility Master Agreement, effective 1 May 2024. For more information download a copy of our Frequently Asked QuestionsPDF 46kb

For Home Loan Facility Master Agreements: 

Contact us to get a copy of your agreement for:

  • amortisation home loans entered into before 14 August 2016 (amortisation home loans are loans where the documented term is shorter than the term used to set up your payments); and
  • home loans entered into before 1 January 2001.

TotalMoney terms and conditions

Credit cards

By operating a BNZ credit card you agree to be bound by the specific terms and conditions for your credit card.

BNZ credit card terms and conditions apply to BNZ Advantage Visa Classic, BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum, BNZ Advantage Visa Business, and BNZ Lite Visa.


Personal loans

StepUP loans

StepUP loans are low interest loans that are no longer offered. They were a product of the Good Loans programme until 30 September 2022. The following terms and lending criteria apply to existing StepUp loans, where BNZ is the lender.

Good Loans are no interest loans provided by Good Shepherd and other community organisations. BNZ helps to fund these loans but is not the lender. Visit goodloans.org.nz for more information about Good Loans.



Life insurance

On 30 September 2022, BNZ Life Insurance Limited (BNZ Life) was sold to Partners Life Limited (Partners Life). Partners Life is now the service provider and underwriter of your life insurance policy. This means Bank of New Zealand is no longer involved with life insurance advice or service. For life insurance terms and conditions, please contact Partners Life Limited on 0800 808 648 or +64 995 15020.

PremierCare (house, contents, vehicle, and boat insurance)

Asset finance - Consumer

Business banking terms and conditions

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Borrow and finance

Business Lending Master Terms and Conditions

You may need to read more than one version of the terms and conditions below depending on the date of your loan agreement. If you have a Letter of Advice, please refer to your Loan Facility Master agreement.

Additional business lending terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions should be read in conjunction with the applicable Master Terms.

Asset finance


Credit cards

Merchant services



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Financial Advice Disclosure and Nature and Scope Disclosure

BNZ holds a financial advice provider licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority. The Financial Advice Disclosure and Nature and Scope Disclosure document provides important information about the financial adviser services BNZ Markets can provide.

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