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Using cookies

A “cookie” is a small text file placed on your computer by a website. We use session cookies and persistent cookies to personalise and secure your web browsing session.

Session cookies

We use session cookies to identify a particular session on our website. A session is the time you visited and spent on our website using a certain computer. This information collected from the session is about your browsing activities of our websites only, such as what buttons you clicked and what pages you visited. We don’t monitor your activity after you have left our website.

Every time you go back to our website using the same computer in the same session, the website will recognise what happened previously with the browsing activities on that computer.

Persistent cookies

We use persistent cookies to give you the ability to set your own preferences for our site (i.e., setting the business banking page as your homepage). We may also use these cookies for the purpose of fraud detection and investigation.

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What we do with the information we collect

From information we collect, we can:

  • identify your Internet browser;
  • determine if your computer has previously visited our website, and if it has, use information we hold (which may or may not identify you personally) to deliver you content we think is more relevant to you;
  • measure the effectiveness of website and online marketing campaign performance;
  • identify other pages or third parties’ websites you have accessed only when we provide you a link to click;
  • detect malicious activity from your computer that may place your financial security at risk.

Changing the settings of your cookies

In most circumstances you can adjust the settings on your browser to notify you when you are offered a cookie and decide whether or not to accept it. Please note, however, that if you disable or block cookies, our secure services (such as Internet Banking, Internet Banking for Business, mobile banking, Client Fund Service.) won’t work and other parts of our website won’t work properly or at all.