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Protecting yourself against online security threats

You can protect your computer’s hardware and software from malware (short for malicious software) threats by making sure your operating system and apps are always up to date, and installing and maintaining reliable and reputable anti-virus software.

What is malware?

Malware, which includes computer viruses, spyware, trojans, and rootkits, can infect computers and devices through compromised websites, email attachments, and affected files from attached devices such as a USB sticks. Malware can corrupt and delete data on your computer and/or use your email account to infect other computers by sending illegal spam emails. If your computer is running really slowly, it might be a sign it is infected.

Protecting your computer and devices against threats

Malware threats are changing all the time – updating your operating system, anti-virus software and apps are your first line of defence against many bugs and viruses.

 To help keep your computer and devices virus-free, make sure you:

  • update your operating system, software and apps as soon as updates are available
  • install and maintain reliable and reputable anti-virus (AV) software
  • configure anti-virus software properly so it doesn’t slow your computer down and automatically updates everyday
  • schedule a weekly anti-virus scan of your computer.