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Keeping your password and PIN secure

Passwords, PINs and, other authenticators, such as a NetGuard card, are especially important for online banking, to ensure we can correctly identify you during the login process.

Reset your Internet Banking Password

If you've forgotten your Internet Banking password, you can reset it online.

Tips for keeping your password and PIN secure

  • Avoid choosing PINs or passwords easily guessed by people who know you, such as your pet’s name, close relative or date of birth.
  • Make sure it’s difficult for someone else to read if they happen lean over your shoulder as you type it in. Avoid simple words and use mixed case letters or numbers and letters.
  • Don’t use the same password you use anywhere else (especially not the same password you use for your email account).
  • Never tell anyone your password, PIN, or NetGuard card details, including bank staff – they don’t need to know your password and should never ask you for these details. 
  • Commit your password and PIN to memory; don’t store these where anyone else could find them,  such as in emails or files stored on your computer.
  • Change your password or PIN if you think someone has seen you enter them.

Want more advice about passwords?

For more information on creating passwords, see the ‘Pins and Passwords’ section of the NZ Bankers Association's Code of Banking Practice 2012.

How to recognise and report scams

Learn more about scams, how to spot them, and what to do if you get a scam email or text.