Automatic payments

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  1. Bank of New Zealand (the Bank) will use reasonable care and skill to give effect to the directions given to it by you in an automatic payment authority (an Authority).
  2. The Bank is not responsible or liable for failing to give effect to the directions in an Authority where the failure is beyond its control (e.g. service outages), due to a reasonable concern (e.g. fraud), or to the extent that the failure causes indirect, consequential, or economic loss.
  3. The Bank accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information contained in the payment information fields on your Authority.
  4. You undertake to advise the Bank immediately of any information about payments shown on bank statements which is incorrect.
  5. An Authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter subsisting between you and the Bank in relation to your account.
  6. The Bank may in its absolute discretion conclusively determine the order or priority of payment by it of any monies pursuant to any Authority or other authority which you may now or hereafter give to the Bank or draw on your account.
  7. The Bank may in its absolute discretion refuse to make any one or more payments pursuant to an Authority where there are insufficient funds available in your account.
  8. The Bank may terminate or reduce an Authority (acting reasonably) by giving notice where practicable. The payee may also terminate or reduce an Authority, without notice.
  9. Your Authority will remain in force and effect in respect of all payments made in good faith notwithstanding your death or bankruptcy or any other revocation of your Authority until notice of your death, bankruptcy or other revocation is received by the Bank.
  10. All current Bank and Government charges for the Bank's Automatic Payment service in force from time to time are to be debited to your account.