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Types of unusual transactions

It’s important that you regularly check your card account for unusual transactions you don’t recognise, wrong transactions, or transactions that show up more than once. You can check your transactions on your monthly statement or in Internet Banking.

Unfamiliar transaction

If you see a transaction on your statement that you don’t recognise, you can:

  1. Ask your other cardholder (if you have one) if they recognise the transaction.
  2. Do an internet search of the merchant name to find out more information about the business.
  3. Contact the business to query the transaction.
  4. If the transaction is still a mystery to you, then you can dispute the transaction.

Declined transaction

If you’ve had a transaction declined by us and don’t know why, it might be one of the following reasons:

  • our transaction monitoring picked up suspicious activity, and declined the potentially fraudulent transaction to protect you
  • you’re overseas and haven’t notified us of your travel plans, the foreign transaction was declined or your card was blocked for your security
  • the type of transaction is blocked in your cards security settings, you can check these in Internet Banking or in your BNZ Mobile app. 

If these scenarios don’t apply to you, or you’d like to know more:

If you think your credit card is being used fraudulently:

  • call our report line on 0800 735 901 
  • from overseas, call +64 4 473 5901 (international toll charges apply, or you can call us collect from a landline).