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Using cards overseas

When you buy things and make cash withdrawals or cash advances in foreign currencies using your credit or debit card overseas, you’ll be charged a foreign currency service fee^. The fee is 2.25% of the transaction (in NZ dollars).

Making a cash advance

If you withdraw cash from your credit card (cash advance), interest accrues straightaway and you won’t earn any rewards on the amount you withdraw. Debit interest is charged on all cash advances from date of the transaction. For cash advances in foreign currencies, a foreign currency service fee will also apply.

How your currency is converted

Your credit and debit card transactions in foreign currencies will be converted to New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate applied by Visa. In some cases, your transaction will be converted into US dollars first, before it’s converted into New Zealand dollars. We charge 2.25% of the NZ dollar value on every foreign currency transaction.

Finding ATMs overseas

You can use your credit or debit card in most ATMs around the world, withdrawal charges apply. 

Withdrawal charges apply.

Find the nearest ATM for your card wherever you are in the world with the following locators: