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Service fees

Service fees are what we charge for any additional services we provide. They are subject to change from time to time, and, where applicable, service fees are in addition to all account and facility fees.

Electronic payments

Automatic payments

Establishment and amendment fee - Internet Banking, Internet Banking for Business, and automated telephone No charge
Establishment  and amendment fee - staff assisted transactions $5

Bill payments

Establishment and amendment fee - Internet Banking and Internet Banking for Business No charge
Establishment and amendment fee - staff assisted transactions $5

Direct debits

Establishment and amendment fee No charge

Same-day cleared payments (cost per transaction)

Written application $25 with or without notification
Electronic - Internet Banking for Business $5 with or without notification
Notification for incoming payments No charge

Internet and telephone banking

Internet Banking for business

If you’re an Internet Banking for Business user, other service fees may apply. See the Business and Agribusiness Account and Service fees guide for more information.

Internet Banking

Registration No charge
NetGuard Card No charge

Account Alerts:

  • Email
  • SMS

No charge

Internet Banking transactions

Fees may apply for all payments made in Internet Banking.
Fees vary depending on your account type. 

Telephone Banking

Registration No charge
Call charges No charge

Flexi Debit Visa and Eftpos cards

Withdrawals from an overseas ATM No charge
Flexi Debit Visa overseas over the counter cash withdrawal fee  No charge
Flexi Debit overseas purchases Electronic Transaction charges apply
Foreign currency service fee 2.25% of the NZ dollar value of the withdrawal or purchase

Overseas retailers, ATM operators, and financial institutions may also charge fees. A foreign currency service fee is also charged on all other Flexi Debit Visa Foreign Currency Transactions (as defined in the Standard Terms and Conditions PDF 270KB).

We don’t charge a foreign currency service fee on purchase reversals, purchase refunds, ATM reversals, and chargebacks. For those transactions (not including purchase refunds) we credit a foreign currency service fee that is calculated as a percentage of the NZ dollar value of the reversal or chargeback. The converted amount of your Foreign Currency Transaction and the foreign currency service fee (where applicable) are aggregated in the NZ dollar amount and in the rate of exchange shown on your statement for each Foreign Currency Transaction.

International fees

Service fees for international transactions

International fees apply for each transaction. Further charges from overseas banks may also apply. BNZ includes a margin on foreign exchange conversions.

Send international payments

Self-service online: sending a foreign currency

No charge
Self-service online: sending New Zealand dollars $5 per payment
Staff assisted $25 per payment

Overseas correspondent banks may charge a fee for processing your international payment. 

  • For personal customers sending a foreign currency in Internet Banking or the Mobile App, BNZ will cover this fee for you.
  • For business customers using Internet Banking for Business or the Business Banking App, you can choose to have the fee deducted from the amount you paid the beneficiary, or you can select the ‘Charges our’ option and cover the correspondent bank fee yourself. The fee will be added to your International Payment Issue fee (and appear as one fee on your statement).

Correspondent bank fee (Charges Our)

Personal banking: sending a foreign currency

No charge

Personal banking: sending New Zealand dollars

$12 per payment

Business banking

$12 per payment

You cannot choose to pay the Charges Our fee if the payment is to Japan. The beneficiary's bank may still charge a fee to their customer.

Receive international payments

Received by BNZ and credited to a BNZ account $10 per payment
Received by BNZ and credited to another bank $15 per payment
The remitter of an international payment (person sending the money) can choose to share the transfer charges with the beneficiary (person receiving the money). In this situation BNZ will charge an Inward International Payment fee to the beneficiary. Remitter bank charges may still apply.  

International Payments received via another New Zealand Bank and credited to a BNZ account

No BNZ charge

International Payments received via another NZ bank (processing bank) may be subject to the receiving fees of that bank.


International payment trace, amendment, or cancellation

Trace, amendment, or cancellation request for international payments sent or received

$25 per payment

Service and Investigative charges

Transaction research - Online image fee No charge
Transaction research - Manual image fee No charge
Transaction research - Research fee $15 per item or $60 per hour
Electronic credit recovery fee $43 per transaction

Other transaction service fees

Teller-assisted printout (up to last 25 transactions) $1

Non-BNZ customer request for change in denomination of money (for example, changing a $100 note into $1 coins) $5 per $1,000 minimum $5

Postage, and photocopying fees

International Postage $2
Photocopying $0.20 per page

Statement fees

Paper statement
$1.50 per envelope sent by post
Each envelope may contain multiple account statements.
Paper statement fee applies to YouMoney, TotalMoney, Rapid Save.*
Replacement statement $1.50 per statement