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Arranging an emergency credit card

If you’re overseas and your credit card is lost, stolen or compromised, you can arrange an emergency credit card and/or emergency cash. You’ll need to contact both your credit card provider and the bank to arrange this.

Contact us

If you’re overseas, you can call us on +64 4 473 5901.

Process for BNZ Visa card holders 

  1. Contact Visa.
  2. They will fax us an emergency card request.
  3. We will complete checks on the account and process the faxed request.
  4. Visa will organise an emergency card to be delivered to you.

You’ll need to call BNZ again when you get back to New Zealand to arrange a new credit card.

Arranging emergency cash

Emergency cash is a cash advance, and fees/interest applicable to the card type will apply. You must have available credit to cover the emergency cash amount requested.

You’ll need to contact Visa to organise the emergency cash and give dispatch instructions.