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Using emergency travel assistance

Emergency travel assistance is a 24-hour medical service available to eligible BNZ customers. It’s for travellers who need medical advice or have a medical emergency when they’re travelling overseas.

If you have a BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum or BNZ Advantage Business credit card, you can use the Emergency Travel Assistance service anywhere in the world.

How to use emergency travel assistance

AIG Travel Assistance is offered by AIG (our travel insurance underwriter) and provides emergency assistance for eligible BNZ Advantage Visa Platinum or BNZ Advantage Business travel insurance customers.

Call AIG Travel Assistance anytime 24/7, from anywhere in the world on +64 (9) 3591687. Call costs are claimable as part of an eligible insurance claim.

Use the AIG Travel Assistance App to keep up to date with travel security alerts, receive key information about political conditions and health advisories and gain access to a one-touch help feature which connects you directly to AIG Travel Assistance in the event of an emergency.