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Providing information for a credit card application

As part of the credit card application process, you’ll need to provide:

  • income information (for example your salary, business income or rental income)
  • regular expenses and commitments (for example rent, mortgage repayments, gym, phone, power, insurances, internet, streaming services, repayments on other debts, transport costs and food)
  • value of your assets (for example a car, house, contents, jewellery, KiwiSaver)
  • balance of your debts.

Once you’ve completed your application you should receive an email within the next business day, to advise whether your credit card application has been:

  • conditionally approved
  • referred for further assessment
  • declined.

If you’ve been conditionally approved, we’ll contact you within the next business day. You may need to provide documents to support what you’ve stated on your application, before we can unconditionally approve your credit card application.