Chip technology

BNZ credit and Flexi Debit Visa1 cards with chips provide enhanced protection against counterfeit fraud.

We're dedicated to making your banking as safe and secure as possible. That's why we issue our Visa and MasterCard credit cards and Flexi Debit Visa cards1 with embedded chips, to provide enhanced protection against counterfeit fraud. Chip technology is now the global standard for card security.

What is a chip card?

  • A chip card has an embedded microchip which can process and safely store data previously held only on the magnetic stripe.
  • The magnetic stripe is still present on chip cards and can be used in retailer terminals that are not chip capable.
  • The advantage of chip over magnetic stripe is improved protection against counterfeit fraud as the chip has advanced information encryption that makes it much harder to copy.

How do I use my BNZ chip card?

To use your chip card at retailers that have chip enabled terminals you will be asked to insert the chip card for the duration of the transaction, then you enter your PIN and follow the instructions on the screen. The terminal will tell you when to remove your card.

To use your BNZ chip card at retailers that do not have chip enabled terminals you will still be required to swipe your card and then given the option to either enter your PIN or sign the receipt to verify the transactions.

Can I use my BNZ chip card without loading a PIN?

You will need to have a PIN on your card to verify most POS and ATM transactions within New Zealand, however there are some exceptions. Please refer to the guide below for information on when a PIN is required to verify chip card transactions.

Transaction type PIN required?
Domestic ATM Yes
International ATM withdrawals Yes
Domestic EFTPOS transactions using Eftpos cards, Credit Cards, and Flexi Debit Visa (There are some exceptions such as some parking pay stations, hospitality terminals and credit card express payments.) Yes
International EFTPOS Depends on the terminal
Online, phone and mail order
(Card Not Present transactions)
Contactless Transactions For purchases of $80 or less in NZ3
For contactless purchases over $80 in NZ3 Yes

Can I continue to use my non-chipped magnetic stripe card?

Yes. ATMs and retailer terminals remain fully compatible with both chip and magnetic stripe cards, so your card will continue to work in all the places you currently shop.

Can I use the magnetic stripe if my card has a chip?

Generally a chip card would only be swiped if the terminal weren't chip enabled.

Does the introduction of chip credit cards mean that the magnetic stripe is not secure?

No it doesn't, it simply means that chip cards are more secure. We have developed technology called LENSecure which will help early detection, and most importantly, the automatic prevention of counterfeit credit card transactions. LENSecure updates the magnetic stripe security information on BNZ credit cards each time you use a BNZ ATM for a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance2 or withdrawal. This technology allows us to automatically detect if your card has been copied or duplicated without your knowledge.

The move to chip technology represents a further enhancement and evolution of electronic payments by BNZ and is designed to make your card even more secure.

How does LENSecure protect me from fraud?

Every time your BNZ card is used in one of our ATMs for a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance2 or withdrawal the security information within your card is automatically updated. So, to help protect yourself:

  • Regularly use any BNZ ATM to complete a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance2. This allows our system to update the security information within your card
  • Prior to going overseas, and again as soon as you can upon returning to New Zealand, we recommend you complete a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance2 or withdrawal at a BNZ ATM. This allows us to keep the security information on your card up to date
  • If your account has a joint or additional cardholder then please ensure the joint/additional cardholder follows the same process for their card

Are chip cards 100% secure?

No card can be guaranteed 100% secure, 100% of the time, but a chip represents an additional layer of security to protect payment information and protect you from fraud. Chip cards employ a range of security features and measures that work together to protect your card.

What about using my chip card online?

Chip credit cards do not provide extra security for online shopping. We have an extra level of security with Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. These services bring you another layer of security, giving you peace of mind when you shop at participating online retailers.

Will my BNZ chip card be accepted overseas?

Yes, BNZ chip cards will be accepted by all overseas retailers/ merchants that accept credit cards. Most developed countries are either in the process of, or already have, upgraded to chip but for those countries that haven't, the magnetic stripe and embossing is still present on the card.

Will my BNZ chip card work in ATMs?

Yes. Your chip card will work as normal in all ATMs, both here and overseas.

When will I get my BNZ chip credit card?

BNZ has introduced chip credit cards across our range of BNZ Visa and MasterCard credit cards. BNZ American Express credit cards will not be issued with a chip. All BNZ credit cards continue to offer the same high level of security for credit card purchases that you've always enjoyed.

How do I load a PIN?

To get your PIN loaded, just take your card and suitable photo identification, such as a New Zealand driver licence or passport, just take your card into any BNZ store.

PIN security tips

  • Make sure the PIN you select is not your date of birth, any other readily identifiable number or any of the blocks of four digits of the card account number e.g. 4999 or 7700
  • Never write down or disclose your PIN number to anyone, including police, bank staff or family.
  • Take care to prevent others from identifying your PIN when using your card at an ATM or an EFTPOS terminal.