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Card security

Helping you to keep your card safe.

We're always on the lookout for new ways to improve our leading-edge fraud detection systems. LENSecure is a revolutionary technology invented right here at BNZ. On this page you'll find out how LENSecure works, and other great tips to help keep your BNZ credit card and Flexi Debit Visa safe.

World leading credit card security

LENSecure is a breakthrough in credit card security and combined with our other security measures, makes BNZ one of the world leaders in credit card security. LENSecure helps us detect if your BNZ credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) or Flexi Debit Visa has been copied or duplicated without your knowledge. Most importantly, this can automatically prevent counterfeit credit card transactions, reducing the likelihood of your Card being cancelled and having to wait for a replacement card to arrive.


How LENSecure works

Each time you use your BNZ credit card or Flexi Debit in one of our ATMs for a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance1/cash withdrawal, LENSecure automatically updates the security information on your card's magnetic stripe. So, if someone does manage to make a counterfeit copy of your card, it'll be out of date pretty quickly.

So, to help protect yourself:

  • Regularly use any BNZ ATM to complete a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance1/cash withdrawal.
  • Prior to going overseas, and again as soon as you can upon returning to New Zealand, we recommend you complete a balance enquiry, mini statement or cash advance1/cash withdrawal at a BNZ ATM
  • If your account has a joint or additional cardholder then please ensure the joint/additional cardholder follows the same process for their card.

Zero Fraud Liability Guarantee

We're working hard to keep your card secure so you can feel safer using it. We also guarantee you won't lose out if you're the victim of credit card fraud, as we'll repay any fraudulent transactions as long as you have complied with your credit card terms and conditions. These include notifying us promptly of any fraud, selecting a suitable PIN and protecting your PIN.

Top 10 tips

Here are some quick tips to help you protect your credit card or debit card from fraud:

  • Sign a new card as soon as you get it and destroy your old card
  • Get a PIN loaded on your card
  • Read the New Zealand Bankers' Association leaflet, Protecting your Cards, Pins & Passwords PDF 733KB
  • Never give your card or card details to anyone, unless you're paying them for something
  • Keep your card in sight during a transaction and watch for double swiping of your card
  • Always take your card receipt with you after using your card
  • Only deal with known and reputable companies when using your card over the internet or telephone, and unless you made the call, we strongly recommend that you don't give your card details over the phone
  • We're committed to helping make sure you're protected when shopping online with NetPledge and NetPromise, so make sure the padlock symbol, indicating a secure environment, appears at the bottom of the browser or look for an ‘s' after the http in the web address.
  • Look out for suspicious devices on ATMs

Getting a PIN on your card

To get a PIN loaded, just take your card and suitable photo identification such as a New Zealand driver license or passport into any BNZ store.

  • Make sure the PIN you select is not your date of birth, any other readily identifiable number, or any of the blocks of four digits of the card account number, such as 4999 or 7700
  • Never write down or disclose your PIN number to anyone, including Police, bank staff or family 
  • Take care to prevent others from identifying your PIN when using your card at ATM or EFTPOS machines

Lost or stolen cards

It's really important to report any loss straight away. We'll make every effort to get a replacement card to you as soon as possible. If you're travelling overseas a replacement BNZ credit card or Flexi Debit Visa card can usually be couriered promptly to the nearest office for your card - VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

Numbers to call

In New Zealand: 0800 735 901

VISA International +1 303 967 1090
MasterCard International +1 636 722 7111
American Express +64 9 359 1664

Or, contact any bank displaying the VISA or MasterCard trademark, or an American Express Travel Service Office.

For 24-hour banking cards
Within New Zealand 0800 ASK BNZ (0800 275 269)
From overseas +64 4 801 2400, international toll charges apply
  +64 4 473 5901 call us collect from a landline


Chip cards

Our Visa and MasterCard credit cards are issued with chip technology that helps prevent fraudsters from using a counterfeit credit card in stores or at ATMs. The chip on the credit card along with the PIN authentication creates an even more secure transaction when you're physically using your card.

Contactless chip cards

Our Flexi Debit Visa card and our Visa and MasterCard credit cards are issued with contactless chip technology. This means you can use your card to quickly pay for purchases of up to $80 in New Zealand without needing to enter the PIN.

Added security measures for contactless transactions include:

  • the card never leaves your hand.
  • because the card has to be very close to the reader there is no chance of being accidentally charged as you walk past.
  • you can only be charged once, even if you accidentally tap your card twice.

What is BNZ doing to minimise the risk of fraud on cards with contactless chips?

An $80 limit applies to each contactless purchase without a PIN made with your contactless card in New Zealand. For purchases above $80, your PIN will be required.
Our chip cards are issued in a deactivated state, which means you can’t use your new or re-issued card until you have activated it. To activate a new card, just visit any BNZ store to get a PIN loaded on the card. For re-issued cards it's even easier, because the PIN from the previous card has been migrated to the new card. All you have to do to activate the re-issued card is use it for a contact transaction that requires you to enter the PIN.
Our cards also have Zero Fraud Liability guarantee which means you won't have to pay for fraudulent card charges as long as you have complied with the terms and conditions of your card.

If I have any other contactless cards in my wallet, such as a Hop, Snapper, One Smart card or another credit card, could the purchase be charged to the wrong card?

If you hold your wallet up to the reader, it may detect more than one card. In this case it will not complete the transaction, and will display a message such as "More than one card detected" or "Please select one card". To complete the transaction, you'll need to ensure only one contactless card is held to the reader. Learn more about contactless payments.

Are there any special security measures in place when I use the card overseas?

Overseas, some standalone or unattended terminals, such as vending machines and parking terminals, do not "talk" to the bank's systems during the transaction. After a certain number of these transactions have happened in a row, your next transaction may be declined. This is easily fixed by using a chip insert terminal for your next transaction –  this includes most attended terminals. This will require you to enter your PIN or sign, and confirms the card is in your possession.

Keeping an eye on your account

It's a good idea to check for unusual transactions on your credit card account. This can be done by checking the monthly statement, or logging into internet banking. Please contact us immediately if you notice any irregular transactions on your account.