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Processing times

We process payments on normal business days (Monday to Friday, not including public holidays) as long as they are authorised by the cut-off time. If your payment isn’t authorised on time, we’ll process it on the next business day.

Transfers between your accounts in Internet Banking for Business are made as soon as they are authorised, including public holidays. 

Payment type


Cut-off times

Automatic payment - amendment/deletion   5.30am
Automatic payment - new loading   9.45pm
Bill payment    11:45pm
Credit card payment    6:00pm
 Direct credit and payroll    11:45pm
 Direct Debit    11:45pm
 International payment   See foreign currency cut-off times
 Same-day cleared payment    4:30pm
 Tax payment   11:45pm 

Public holidays

Automatic payments, and payments to other banks, which are due to be made on weekends or on any of the public holidays observed in New Zealand, may not arrive in the recipient’s account until the next business day. 

We treat provincial anniversary days (e.g. Wellington Anniversary Day) as normal business days.