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Tax payments

You can make or schedule payments to the IRD in Internet Banking for Business. 

How to make a tax payment

To make a tax payment, go to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ tab of Internet Banking for Business

  • choose ‘Make a Tax Payment’ from the left-hand menu
  • enter the details from your IRD notice
  • confirm the code and reference details
  • double check that you’ve selected the right tax period
  • click on ‘Next’
  • your payment is now ready to be authorised.

How to make an IRD specified payment 

To make an IRD specified tax payment (only applicable if you have a prior arrangement with the IRD), go to the Transfer/Pay tab of Internet Banking for Business. 

  • choose 'Make a Direct Credit Payment' from the left-hand menu
  • select 'Make a One-off payment', then click 'Next'
  • click on 'Add Item'
  • enter INLAND REVENUE in 'Name', 0300490001100027 in 'Account Number, and the payment amount from the IRD notice in 'Amount'
  • enter your IRD number in 'Particulars, and the IRD specified value from the notice in 'Code'
  • click 'Add & Close', then click 'Review'
  • check your payment details, then enter the Netguard code from your token and click 'Confirm'
  • your payment is now ready to be authorised