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Authorising payments

Every payment created in Internet Banking for Business must be authorised by either one or two users with the ‘Authorise Activity’ role. The number of authorisers you'll need will depend on how your account has been set up.

How to authorise a payment

If you have permission to authorise payments, you’ll be notified that there are payments to be authorised when you log in to Internet Banking for Business.  You can authorise each payment individually, or all at once using Bulk Authorisation.

You can also authorise most payment types on BNZ’s mobile business banking app, except automatic payments. 

Authorising individual payments

To authorise payments individually, go to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ tab of your Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose the ‘Transfers and Payments List’ from the left-hand menu
  • click on the ‘Authorisation’ button next to the payment that needs to be authorised
  • click on the button again when it turns green and displays the word ‘Confirm’.

You can also authorise a payment by selecting it from the ‘Transfers and Payments List’, and using the ‘Authorisation’ button on the ‘Payment Details’ screen.

Bulk authorisation

To authorise more than one payment at the same time, go to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ tab of your Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose ‘Bulk Authorisation’ from the left hand menu
  • use the check boxes to select the payments you want to authorise
  • click on the ‘Authorisation’ button.

Changing the number of authorisers for each payment

To change the number of authorisers needed for a payment, go to the ‘Administration’ tab in your Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose ‘Authorisations and Limits’ from the left-hand menu
  • click on ‘View/Print Authorisations & Limits’ at the bottom of the screen to generate a PDF, and print a copy
  • write in your changes
  • get the PDF signed by the account authorisers
  • scan and email everything to us at