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Setting up the BNZ app

You’ll need to be registered for Internet Banking to use the BNZ app, so register now if you haven’t already. To set up the BNZ app, follow the steps below to get started.

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions by downloading our quick reference guides or watch the video.

What you’ll need

  • Your smartphone with compatible Apple iOS or Android™ software.
  • An internet connection or data.
  • Your nine-digit access number (found on the back of your BNZ Eftpos, debit, or credit card).

Download the BNZ app

Download the BNZ app from the App store (iPhone and iPad) or Google Play (Android phone).

app store   google play

Compatible devices

If you can’t find the BNZ app, your phone may not be up to date enough. Check to see if you have a compatible Apple or Android device.

You can still access your accounts on a computer with Internet Banking.

Set up the app

  1. Open the app and tap Get started.
  2. Enter your access number from the back of your BNZ Eftpos, debit, or credit card.
  3. Enter your Internet Banking password.
  4. If we have your email address and mobile phone number on file, you’ll see them displayed. Confirm these are correct.
  5. Tap Set up now.
  6. You’ll receive a text message with a code. Enter it into the SMS code box.
  7. You’ll also receive a different code to your email address. Enter the code in the Email code box.
  8. Follow the prompt on your phone to set up additional secure login options, such as a five-digit PIN, Touch ID, Face ID, or Fingerprint login.

If we don’t have your email address and mobile phone number, you’ll need to update your details in Internet Banking or contact us.

Troubleshoot common issues

Using multiple devices

You can set up the personal BNZ app on four devices at a time, and you can set up the Mobile Business Banking app on two devices.


Our mobile app protects your data using two different types of security: your login details, and your five-digital PIN or a biometric login (using your fingerprint or face).

  • Never give anyone your five-digit PIN or write it down.
  • Always log out of your app when you’re finished.
  • If possible, use mobile data instead of public Wi-Fi when doing your online banking.
  • We’ll never ask you to tell us (or anyone else) your password.

Find more tips on creating a secure password and staying safe online.

Watch our video

Watch our video on how to download and set up the BNZ app.