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Closing accounts in the BNZ app

You can close your YouMoney or Rapid Save account in the BNZ app or Internet Banking. Follow the steps below. 

    1. Log in to the BNZ app.
    2. Select the account you want to close.

    3. a) If you have an Android device: select the pencil icon to the right of the account name. Select Close account.
      b) If you have an iOS device: select the three dots in the top-right of your screen, select Edit account at the bottom of your screen, and select Close account. 
    4. Select Confirm. This will permanently close this account. 

Note: You can’t close your last existing transaction account with BNZ this way. To do this, you’ll need to send us a secure message, call us on 0800 275 269, or visit any BNZ branch.