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Making business deposits

In addition to our over-the-counter, internet banking and Smart ATM deposit services, we provide other convenient ways for businesses to deposit money.

Point-to-Point (P2P)

If you have an arrangement in place with a BNZ approved Cash-In-Transit security company, you can have deposits collected directly from your place of business using the P2P service. Deposit options include:

BNZ Express Deposit

For depositing cash and cheques.

BNZ Direct Cash

For depositing cash only.

You must be registered with BNZ to use BNZ Direct Cash. 

For further information about the P2P service or BNZ Direct Cash registration, speak to your BNZ relationship manager.

Business Deposit Units (BDU)

Selected Smart ATMs are fitted with a BDU, which lets you deposit safely 24/7, using an express deposit bag.
  • Deposits can be a combination of notes, coins and cheques. 
  • Deposits must be made using a valid BNZ debit card, deposit card or credit card.
  • Deposits must be sealed in a Express Deposit bag and are subject to Express Deposit terms and conditions.