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Making deposits

You can make deposits into your account using a BNZ Smart ATM or by visiting a branch.

We no longer supply new deposit books and we don’t accept cheques including foreign cheques. Find out about other ways to make payments

Smart ATMs

We’ve introduced Smart ATMs into our branches so you won’t need to queue to see a teller when making deposits. We’ve also installed Smart ATMs outside branches so you can access them anytime. Check out our video tutorials to learn how to make the most of using Smart ATMs.

Smart ATM features

  • Notes and coins can be deposited in one go at any of our Smart ATMs with coin deposit available.
  • Notes and coin deposits are validated and credited to your account immediately. You don’t have to wait for funds to clear.
  • You can deposit up to 50 notes in New Zealand currency (less than $10,000 in total).
  • You can deposit up to 600 coins in New Zealand currency (less than $10,000 in total).
  • Note and coin deposits are automatically counted so there’s no need to complete a deposit slip.
  • Deposit money into your BNZ credit card.
  • Deposit receipts show a breakdown of your deposit denominations, along with your updated balance and financial information for your records. Note: You’ll need to provide this receipt to dispute a Smart ATM deposit.
  • Make cardless deposits into a BNZ business account using only the account number, and the first and last names of the depositor.

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Coin deposits

Some of our Smart ATMs have sidecars that allow you to deposit your coins without needing a bag or deposit slip.

You can now deposit notes and coins in one go at any of our Smart ATMs with coin sidecars. These ATMs are currently available at selected BNZ branches. Find a BNZ Smart ATM that accepts coin deposits.

Coin deposits can be initiated using your BNZ debit cards or deposit cards. You can’t use your BNZ credit card, even if it’s a dual card linked to your transaction account.

BNZ Direct Cash for businesses

For information on BNZ Direct Cash, please refer to our Making Business Deposits page.