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Making a claim for a missing BNZ Direct Cash deposit

Things to know before making a claim

Your BNZ Direct Cash deposit will be credited to your account the same day as the BNZ Direct Cash bag reaches our designated processing location^This might be different to the day the bag was collected by your Cash in Transit (CiT) provider, and will depend on:

  • the set up you have with your CiT provider
  • factors that can disrupt transport times, like bad weather events.

To check if your deposit has been credited to your account, use the ‘Transaction history’ function in Internet Banking for Business.

Note: If you can’t see your deposit, you might need to select a wider date range to include the day that the bag reached our designated processing location. 

How to make a claim

If the deposit hasn’t appeared in your account within three business days of the bag being collected, please contact your BNZ relationship manager to make a claim. 

You’ll need to provide:

  • your BNZ Direct Cash bag reference number
  • the total cash value you deposited
  • the date your BNZ Direct Cash bag was collected
  • the location your BNZ Direct Cash bag was collected from. 

Once you’ve made your claim, we’ll get back to you within five business days.