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Transaction history

You can view, download, and search all the money that’s been paid in and out of an account, using the ‘Transaction History’ function in Internet Banking for Business.

  • To get information about transactions – including the dates they are processed – from more than one account, use the ‘Account Reports’ function.
  • To get detailed information about payments, use the ‘Payment History’ function.

Types of transaction history

You can download records that show the day transactions were processed as well as records that show the day transactions occurred. These types of transactions show different things.

Important information about processing times

Transactions may not be processed on the same day they are made. For example, if you make a transaction after the cut-off time for the payment type, we will process it the following day, or the following business day for same day cleared payments.

Records that show the day transactions were processed 

Processed transactions are the true record of your account. When reconciling, you should use processed transactions.

  • To download your processed transactions use the ‘Export’ function on the Transaction History screen.
  • To get a PDF version of these processed transactions, with the same dates as the ones you export in Transaction History, go to the Accounts Report screen.

Records that show the day transactions occurred

These are real-time transactions and shouldn’t be used when reconciling. 

  • To see a list of transactions on the days they were made, use the ‘Display’ function on the Transaction History screen.
  • To print, use the ‘Print’ function at the bottom of the Transaction History screen.

Viewing your transaction history

To view your transaction history, go to the ‘Accounts’ tab:

  • choose ‘Transaction History’ from the left-hand menu
  • select an account from the drop down ‘Account’ menu
  • choose a date range and click ‘Display Transactions’.

For everyday accounts and credit cards, you’ll see details of all processed transactions made since August 2012 on the dates they were made. Other account types may show results for shorter date ranges. To see earlier transactions, you can download an account statement.

Recently authorised payments may not show on your transaction history.

Filtering and sorting results

  • Select ‘More options…’ to filter your transactions by date, transaction type, account or amount.
  • Sort your results by clicking on the column headings, and use the blue arrow to reverse the order of the results.
  • When you sort by date, you’ll be able to see a running balance for the account.

Downloading your transaction history

You can export your transaction history from Internet Banking for Business and upload it to your accounting software. The information you export contains the dates when each transaction is processed.

To download your history:

  • click on ‘Export Transactions’ at the bottom of the Transaction History results screen
  • choose a format
  • click on ‘Export’.

Some of the file formats are labelled ‘Legacy’ and will be removed from Internet Banking for Business in June 2016.

Changing your default view

On the default Transaction History screen you’ll see transactions from the last 15 days, and 50 transactions listed on each page.

You can change these default settings so that you can see transactions up to the last 100 days, and up to 999 transactions on each page.

To change your view settings, go to the ‘Administration’ tab:

  • choose ‘Transaction History Options’ from the left-hand menu
  • make your changes and click ‘Save’.

Downloading data for use with third party software

Data File Download is a function in Internet Banking for Business that allows you to download transactional information to be used with third party accounting software. The files contain data from a single day for all your accounts of a certain type, and are formatted to the BNZ GIFTS new standard.

If your site is not set up for Data File Download but think it might be useful to your business, please talk to your BNZ relationship manager.

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