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SWIFT MT103 / pacs.008 message

The SWIFT MT103 / pacs.008 message report is a record of all international payments sent or received, for the selected account and date range.

International payments are known as Telegraphic Transfers (TTs), International Wire Transfers (IWTs) or International Funds Transfers (IFTs). 

Payments are sent from a payer (or ‘ordering customer’) to a payee (or ‘beneficiary customer’).  One party is in New Zealand and the other party is overseas. 

Reading the SWIFT MT103 / pacs.008 message report

Each row displays the data for a single transaction.

Each transaction contains all the data from the SWIFT MT103 / pacs.008 message. You will see the data exactly as BNZ sent or received it. 

To make it easier to read or download, each SWIFT message field is a separate column.

Explanation of the report columns

BNZ reference

A unique number assigned to this transaction. Quote this number if you need to talk to us about the transaction.


The account number you selected for the report.

Transaction date

The date BNZ processed or posted the transaction. 


The direction of the transaction. It will be either:

  • I103 for inward payments. With inward payments, you are the payee or ‘beneficiary customer’ receiving the payment.
  • O103 for outward payments. With outward payments, you are the payer or ‘ordering customer’ sending the payment.


The currency the payment was made in.


The amount  sent or received.

Exchange rate

The exchange rate applied to the transaction.

1.00 means the payment was in foreign currency (FX) and wasn’t converted.

0.00 means the payment was in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

Converted amount (NZD)

The NZD equivalent amount if the transaction was in FX.

Bank fee

BNZ fees for this transaction.

MT103 / pacs.008 message

The payment instruction with full details, exactly as they are sent or received by BNZ in the SWIFT message format. SWIFT also allows ISO20022 format messages (pacs.008), so when a BNZ customer downloads a ‘SWIFT MT103 Report’, it may also contain the pacs.008 format, depending on what BNZ received. 

If you need help interpreting the fields in the SWIFT format messages, download our guides: