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Downloading daily data files

Internet Banking for Business can generate daily statement files from the previous day for your accounts. This is called File Download.

What is File Download?

File Downloads is a function in Internet Banking for Business that allows you to download transactional information to be used with third party accounting software. The files contain data from a single day for all your accounts of a certain type, and are formatted to the BNZ GIFTS new standard.

These files differ from those you can download using the Transaction History function because they contain all transactions from a single day for all accounts of a certain type in one file. In Transaction History, you can download transactions from a single account across a customisable date range.

If your site is not set up for File Downloads but think it might be useful to your business, please talk to your BNZ relationship manager.


What type of data can you download?

You can download daily balance or transaction statement files. Files contain all your accounts for each account type, and are in the BNZ GIFTS new standard format.

Download our File Downloads Format Guide PDF 374KB for more information.

What account types can you download files for?

  • Everyday accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • BNZ credit cards
  • Other bank - ANZ
  • Other bank – ANZ (previously National Bank accounts)
  • Other bank - Westpac

Getting set up for File Downloads 

To get set up, please talk to your BNZ relationship manager.

Assigning access to others

Once your Internet Banking for Business site has been set up for File Download, users with the Manage Site Administrator permission will be able to assign themselves and other users access to File Downloads.

If you’re a Manage Site Administrator:

  1. Go to the ‘Administration’ tab and click ‘User List’
  2. Select ‘Edit’ next to your name or the user you would like to enable
  3. Select the ‘Customise permissions’ button at the bottom of the page
  4. Tick the ‘Enable’ box next to ‘Download Statement Files’ 
  5. Select ‘Next’ and then ‘Submit’
  6. Log out of Internet Banking for Business and then log back in again
  7. Click on the ‘Accounts’ tab. You will now see the 'File Downloads' button in the left hand navigation 
  8. Files will be available to download from the next business day. 

data file downloads

How to download files

After being set up, files can be downloaded starting the next business day.

  1. Navigate to the ‘Accounts’ tab
  2. Select ‘Data File Downloads’
  3. Select ‘Download’.

New files will be shown in bold, and you can re-download previous files using the ‘Download again’ button. 

file downloads

How to change the accounts included in your files

You can edit the accounts you want included in your daily file downloads.

  1. Go to the 'Administration' tab
  2. Select 'File Download Settings'
  3. Click 'Edit' and tick the boxes next to the accounts you want
  4. Click 'Save'. Your new settings will apply from the next business day.

file download settings