Help & Support

Payment history

Search and view details of all your payments using the ‘Payment History’ function in Internet Banking for Business.

To search across all transactions for a single account, use the ‘Transaction History’ function.

Viewing your payment history

To view your payment history, go to the ‘Transfer/Pay’ tab in Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose ‘Transfers and Payments List’ from the left-hand menu
  • click on the ’History’ tab.

You can see up to 50 weeks of payments made from all of your accounts.

To see more information about each of the payments, click on the payment you’d like to view.

For some payment types such as direct credit or payroll, you can click on ‘Show transaction items’ to see the individual parts of the payment.

Search, filter and sort results

Filter your payments by date range or account, or use the search function to search across all of the payment information.

Sort your results by clicking on the column headings, and use the blue arrow to reverse the order of the results.