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Ordering change for your business

There are two ways you can get change for your business:

1. Picking up the change order directly. You’ll need to order change one business day in advance direct from a full service branch and pay via direct debit. (Not all branches offer change orders, but this will be clearly written on their branch page. Check our branch finder.) 

2. Delivered to your place of business. You’ll need to have a direct Cash in Transit (CiT) arrangement in place. Change orders must be ordered directly with your CiT or arranged through our provider for pick up and drop off to your premise. Please contact your CiT or BNZ relationship manager.

Ordering change from a BNZ branch

  1. Download the change order form PDF 93KB
  2. Print the form.
  3. Fill out the form, clearly stating what denominations you need and your payment method.
  4. Sign the form.
  5. Give the completed form to a BNZ branch - in person or by email.

Paying for your change order

There are two ways to pay for a change order:

    1. Set up a direct debit with us in advance, so the branch will be able to process the order and have it ready by the time you want to collect it.
    2. Pay for the order on pick up (debit card only).

Collecting the order

You can collect the order from the branch once your payment’s been processed.

If you use a CiT arrangement for change orders, please refer to the section below on ordering change from a CiT provider. We no longer allow CiT/Security providers to pick up or drop off cash on behalf of a third party directly from/to our individual branch locations.

Regular orders

Contact your local branch if you’d like to arrange a regular order. If you make any changes to your regular order, you’ll need to submit a new form.

Ordering change from a Cash in Transit (CiT) provider

If you have a Point-to-Point (P2P) arrangement with a BNZ approved Cash in Transit provider, you can order change with them and have the order delivered to your place of business.

Orders include:

  • bulk change orders (denomination mix – note and coins)
  • individual floats (made to your specifications).

Contact your individual CiT provider to arrange this service or talk to your relationship manager directly if you need help setting up a CiT service.

For more information about CiT services, get in touch with your BNZ relationship manager.