EasyCover Insurance

EasyCover is a simple, fast way to get life insurance cover. It'll give you and your family basic life insurance protection, so that you can stop worrying about "what ifs", including funeral expenses and debt repayment.

Easy-to-understand benefits

  • EasyCover pays a lump sum if you die or become terminally ill
  • You can choose any amount of protection between $10,000 and $100,000
  • Money from a claim can be used in any way, for example it could help pay off debts, cover funeral costs and help with living expenses
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered after three years
  • Policy ownership can be transferred in the future
  • Cover is available to anyone aged 16 to 64 and expires at the age of 65

Assessing your insurance needs

Get the right type and amount of insurance:

  • Think about what goals you have, and what you need to continue to meet these and your living expenses.
  • Talk to us - we'll help you assess your insurance needs.

Automatic acceptance for cover

You will be automatically accepted for EasyCover, which means no fitness or medical tests, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility criteria

If you have ever had an application for life, disability, sickness, or accident insurance on your life declined, deferred, withdrawn, or accepted with a loading or exclusion, or on other than standard terms, you are not eligible for EasyCover. You can't apply for EasyCover if you currently have another life insurance policy with BNZ Life (other than EasyCover).

Earn Fly Buys points

You can collect Fly Buys^ points based on the premium you pay. Premiums can be paid fortnightly, monthly or annually by direct debit or credit card. If paying annually, you can also pay by cheque

Keep your insurance close at hand in Internet Banking

You can quickly and easily view your insurance details online in Internet Banking. See your policy details anytime, or find out how to make a claim.

Payment options for Life Insurance

Download the form PDF 70KB

Financial Strength Rating

BNZ Life Insurance Ltd has an A 'Excellent' financial strength rating which was given by A.M. Best Company Inc.

The rating scale is: A++, A+ Superior | A, A- Excellent | B++, B+ Good | B, B- Fair | C++, C+ Marginal | C, C- Weak | D Poor | E Under Regulatory Supervision | F In Liquidation | S Suspended

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Terms and conditions

Insurance help and support

If you need some help or to make a claim, call 0800 808 648

Or call us on +64 4 474 9702* from overseas

Small Print

*International toll charges apply.

  1. Fly Buys terms and conditions apply.  Fly Buys points collection, conversion and redemption rates are subject to change without notice.

This is only a summary of EasyCover. Full details of the benefits and exclusions are provided in the general terms and conditions.

EasyCover is underwritten by BNZ Life Insurance Limited ("BNZ Life"). EasyCover is not an obligation of Bank of New Zealand. The obligations of BNZ Life are not guaranteed by its related companies, including National Australia Bank Limited and Bank of New Zealand, or any other parties. Bank of New Zealand arranges EasyCover as an agent for BNZ Life and receives commission on any policies it arranges.

Under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010 BNZ Life Insurance Limited is required to operate at least one statutory fund and notify policyholders which statutory fund a policy is referable to. All policies underwritten by BNZ Life Insurance Limited are referable to BNZ Life Insurance Limited Statutory Fund No. 1.

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