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Technical support

Upload file types

You can upload files to:

When creating direct debit, direct credit and payroll templates, the file formats we support are:

For direct debit, direct credit and payroll payments from file uploads, we support:

  • GIFTS (with either *.GIFTS, *.AFI or *.TXT file extensions)

For international payments the file formats we support are:

  • *.CSV
  • *.TXT
  • *.DAT

Formatting rules

Our file format guide (PDF 185KB) gives more information about our formatting rules. 

Download file types

You can download your transaction details from Internet Banking for Business and upload them into your financial software package.

You can export your information as:

  • *.CSV
  • *.QIF
  • *.GIFTS

There are two types of GIFTS file which you can download. The data in GIFTS (new standard) is formatted to align with industry standards and is recommended to BNZ customers. The other GIFTS file can still be used but will be discontinued by the end of 2017.

To assist in your transition to using GIFTS (new standard), here’s how the two GIFTS file types differ:

Record typesFieldGIFTS (new standard)GIFTS
Transaction records, (type 3) 6 Uses the standard three digits for transaction codes Uses two-digit transaction codes
Transaction records, (type 3) 13 Uses two-digit statement codes Uses transaction types
Transaction records, (type 3) 15 Displays quotation marks and a space in between (“ “) for other party account number regardless of whether there is anything to display or not Leaves field blank if there is no other party account number to display
Opening and closing balance records, (types 5 and 6) 10 Uses account owner name Uses product type (e.g. Business First)