Help & Support

Adding accounts to your site

Adding accounts during registration

When you register for Internet Banking for Business, we’ll ask for all your account numbers that you want to access from your site including:

  • credit cards
  • term deposits
  • foreign currency accounts.

You’ll also choose which account you want any fees withdrawn from.

Adding accounts after registration

You can add more of your BNZ accounts to your site after you’ve registered, as well as non-BNZ accounts you hold with NAB, ANZ and Westpac:

  • under the Accounts tab, click on ‘Add Existing Accounts’
  • choose whether you want to add a BNZ, NAB or ANZ/Westpac account
  • in the on-screen form, fill in the details of the accounts you want to add
  • print the form and get the relevant signatories to read and sign it  
  • send the form back to us using the address provided. We’ll do the rest and let you know by email when the accounts have been added – it may take up to 14 days.

About NAB, ANZ and Westpac accounts

Once you’ve added NAB, ANZ and Westpac accounts, you can check balances and transactions, and create and export reports. Transactions for these accounts usually appear in Internet Banking for Business after they have been processed the next business day.

It’s currently not possible to make payments using these accounts in Internet Banking for Business.

Adding third party accounts

Other customers’ accounts can be added to your Access ID as ‘third party’ accounts. They can be added either with ‘read only’ access or with the ability to make payments and transfers. Examples where this can be useful might be if an accountant needs to see a client’s account for easy reconciliation, or you have different Access IDs for your own personal and business accounts.

If you add an account whose owner isn’t associated with your Access ID number, it will be treated as a third party account. This means you’ll need the Account Owner’s permission to add it to your Internet Banking for Business site.

We will also ask if you only want to view transactions or also make payments and transfers. The option you select means the Account Owner has different terms and conditions to read and accept. Both sets of Account Owners will need to sign the third party access request.