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Setting up and changing transaction limits

Transaction limits let you control how much money can be paid or transferred out of your accounts. You can set limits on the amount of money that can be paid or transferred in each transaction, and in each day. Your daily limit needs to be larger than the limit on each transaction.

Creating and changing transaction limits

You can add transaction limits to your accounts when you’re filling out the Internet Banking for Business registration form

If you need to change transaction limits, go to the ‘Administration’ tab in Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose ‘Authorisations and Limits’ from the left-hand menu
  • click on ‘Complete limit change request form’ at the bottom of the Transaction limits section
  • complete the online form
  • upload a picture of the account authoriser’s signature(s)
  • click the submit button.

Setting transaction limits for each user

You can set different transaction limits for each of your users. Go to the ‘Administration’ tab in Internet Banking for Business:

  • choose ‘User List’ from the left-hand menu
  • find the user you want to give a transaction limit
  • click on ‘Edit’
  • click on ‘Customise Permissions’
  • find the payment type that you want to set a limit on, and type in the user’s new limit
  • click ‘Next’, and then ‘Submit’.

If you change your site’s transaction limits, you’ll need to go to the user list and change each user’s limits to give them access to the changes.