Help & Support

How to register

To help speed up your registration, gather some information about your business before you start.

To register simply:

If you need help with registering, you can call us Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm on 0800 269 4242 or +64 4 931 8234 if you’re outside New Zealand (international toll charges apply).

What you need to complete the registration form

The registration form will take about 10 minutes to complete. You’ll need to give us:

  • a BNZ everyday account number - any service fees will be deducted from this account
  • ID and residential address details of the person who will be your first user, if that person isn't already known to us as a customer or account owner
  • ID and residential addresses for anyone else you want to add to your site as authorisers or administrators if they are not known to us as customers or account owners
  • the serial numbers of any BNZ NetGuard tokens that you already have and would like to use for this registration (you'll find the serial number on the back of the token). You can only re-use tokens that are blue in colour.

You'll also set up permissions and transaction limits, so you need to think about how you want your users to access and use your internet banking site.

You can add users, set permissions and transaction limits, and combine NetGuard tokens after your Internet Banking for Business site is set up.

What happens next

  • We'll check your application (normally within two business days of receiving it) and email you with your login details. 
  • Your new NetGuard security token will arrive by post, two to five days after you register. You'll need to activate it before you can use it.
  • The first user created in Internet Banking for Business is listed as the Initial Site Administrator. This person must log in first to enable additional users to gain access.

See how to log in to Internet Banking for Business