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Replacing your lost NetGuard card

If you’ve lost your NetGuard card, you can rely on the BNZ Mobile app for two-step authentication to access Internet Banking.

If you need to replace the card call 0800 735 901 or visit a branch to order a new card. Your old card will be cancelled and a new one will be reordered for you. 

Accessing Internet Banking before you’ve ordered a new NetGuard card 

Your access to Internet Banking will be different depending on your personal NetGuard settings:

  • If you’ve turned off NetGuard at login then you can continue to log in and access any features in Internet Banking that don’t require NetGuard. 
  • If you’ve turned on NetGuard at login (two-step authentication), then you won’t be able to log in to Internet Banking until you’ve ordered a new card. Alternatively, if you’ve set up the BNZ Mobile app, you can authenticate with your mobile

Accessing Internet Banking while you’re waiting for your new card to arrive 

If you have the BNZ Mobile app set up, you’ll be able to authenticate using your mobile, and access Internet Banking.

If you don’t have the BNZ Mobile app, you’ll need to wait for your new card to arrive, then activate it, in order to log in to Internet Banking.