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Understanding two-step authentication

Two-step authentication protects your account with an extra layer of security in Internet Banking. The first step is your login details, and the second step confirms that it’s really you. This extra security makes it harder for others to access your accounts or collect your personal information.

Step 1: Log in to Internet Banking with your access number and password.

Step 2: When you’re prompted, authenticate with the BNZ app or with your NetGuard card.

Two-step authentication for login

You can turn off authentication for login so you only need to authenticate for specific actions.

How to turn off two-step authentication for login

Actions that require authentication 

These actions always require two-step authentication, each time you do them in Internet Banking:

  • paying someone new
  • adding a payee
  • editing a payee’s account number 
  • updating your contact information.

These actions may require two-step authentication:

  • viewing documents
  • making international payments
  • updating personal details
  • changing your password
  • sending or replying to a secure message
  • joining the BNZ KiwiSaver Scheme
  • turning authentication at login on or off.

After logging in, if your first action is one from either of these lists you’ll be asked to authenticate. After that, you’ll only need to authenticate for actions from the first list.