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Making international payments

You can make an international payment (also known as telegraphic transfer) via Internet Banking or at your nearest BNZ store

Information you’ll need to make an international payment

Your details

  • The account you want us to withdraw the funds from.
  • The currency and amount you want to send, specifying a foreign amount or an NZD equivalent.
  • Your phone number in case we need to clarify your request.

Payee’s details

  • Payee’s full name and street (physical) address.
  • Payee’s account number and the currency the account is held in.
  • Payee’s bank name, branch name and branch address.

A payment reason is also required and may contain information such as an invoice number. The details entered are sent to the receiving bank and may be passed on to the beneficiary.

IBANs, Clearing Codes and SWIFT BIC Codes

When you make an international payment, depending on the destination country, you may be asked for an IBAN (International Bank Account Number), Clearing Code, or SWIFT BIC Code. To get this information, contact the overseas party you are sending the payment to. 

CountryIBANClearing CodeSWIFT BIC Code
Australia, Canada and USA Use account numbers rather than IBANs Mandatory AU = BSB No. (eg 123456)
CA= Transit No. (eg 123456789)
US = Fedwire/ABA No (eg 123456789)
Do not supply a SWIFT BIC for these countries
South Africa Use account numbers and not IBANs Optional ZA = Sort Code No (eg 123456) Provide a SWIFT BIC if known. If not known then bank name and address details must be supplied
India Not applicable IFSC recommended

Do not supply a SWIFT BIC for this country.

You must include full details of payee’s bank:
  • Name of bank
  • Name of branch
  • Building name, plot number
  • Street/ road and area name
  • City name and PIN code (Postal Identification Number)
  • Phone number if available
Countries using IBAN (e.g. countries in the European Union, the United Kingdom and Middle East) Use IBAN Do not supply a Clearing Code for these countries Optional

Making an international payment in Internet Banking

  1. Login to Internet Banking
  2. Open the menu on the left-hand side of your screen
  3. Select “International” from the menu options (depending on your settings, you may be prompted to enter your NetGuard coordinates)
  4. Select the account you'd like to pay from, and add the details you want to appear on your statement
  5. If you're not paying an existing payee, you'll need to set up a new payee by clicking on "Select a payee" and then selecting "Add a new payee"
  6. From here, follow the on screen instructions to complete your payment

If you need further help making an international payment, call 0800 275 269 (24 hours), or call us collect from a land line from here or overseas +64 4 931 8209. International toll charges apply.

Rates and fees

Check BNZ’s International Payment service fees. Overseas bank charges may apply.