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Adding and making payments to payees

You can pay someone by making a one-off payment. If there are people or companies you pay regularly, it can be more convenient to add them as payees. This makes it easier to pay them next time. 

Follow the steps below, watch our video, or use the downloadable guide.

Adding a payee

Adding someone as a payee securely saves their details, so you don’t have to enter account information every time you pay them.

  1. Click on Someone new in the Quick pay area at the bottom of the main screen.
  2. Choose Add a payee.
  3. Enter the payee’s name and account information. You can add additional details by clicking on the plus (+) button.
  4. Click Add.

If you have lots of payees, the ones you pay most regularly will appear in the Quick pay area of your main page. Your other payees are found by clicking on Menu, then Payees.

Making a payment to a payee

  1. From the main screen, drag the account you’d like to pay from onto the payee you’d like to pay. Or, you can select Payees in the main menu and click the Pay link beside the payee you wish to pay.
  2. Add the payment amount and payment date. You can also add statement details to your payment.
  3. Click Pay Now and then Confirm.

Editing a payee

  1. In the Quick pay area, hover over the payee and click on the pencil icon that appears in the top-right corner of the image.
  2. Make your changes then click Save.


  1. Click on Menu then select Payees
  2. Click on the payee that you would like to edit. 
  3. Click on the Edit button in the top-right corner.
  4. Make your changes then click Save.

Editing a payment to a payee

  1. Click on the upcoming payment you want to edit. Your upcoming payments are listed on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. In the payment pop-up, you can edit:
    • the account that funds will be drawn from
    • the amount that will be paid
    • the date on which the payment will be made
    • references to the payment, for your statement or the payee’s statement.
  3. Click Save.

Watch the video 

Watch our video on how to make payments, set up automatic payments, and move money between your accounts using Internet Banking.

Download the guide

How to make payments, set up automatic payments, and move money between your accounts in Internet Banking PDF 693KB