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Retrying payments

Automatic or future dated payments

If we can’t process a transfer, direct credit, automatic payment, bill or tax payment because there isn’t enough money in the account you’re making the payment from, we’ll change the payment’s status to ‘Retrying’.

We’ll retry regularly throughout the due day to make the payment for you, by checking if there is enough money in your account.

You won’t be charged a fee if your payment needs to be retried.

We’ll keep trying to make the automatic or future dated payments:

  • every hour between 7am and 11pm on the day the payment is due
  • at 11:45pm on the day that the payment is due
  • at 4:30am on the morning of the next day.

If we still can’t make the payment, it won’t be processed and it will fail. If the payment fails, you’ll need to set up a new payment. 

What you can do to retry a payment

If your payment was created through Internet Banking or the BNZ app, you can use the Retry now button to retry the payment as soon as the money is available.

Find the Retry now button by:

  • clicking on the account tile in Internet Banking; or
  • viewing it in the upcoming payments screen within the BNZ app.

Direct debit payments

You need to make sure you have enough money in your account by 9am on the day your direct debit is due as it will be paid as soon as we receive the request. If there isn’t enough money in your account, we’ll try every half hour throughout the day to make the payment for you. If we’re unable to make the payment by 11:45pm on the due date, your direct debit payment won’t be made, and it will be dishonoured.

Find out more about processing times for making payments

Get updates 

You can set up email notifications to let you know if there has been a problem with a payment. For automatic or future dated payments, we’ll also send you a notification to let you know if the payment is successful or fails completely. 

Find out more about setting up email notifications in Internet Banking