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Using your NZ passport to open an account

You can open your first account with us using your mobile or desktop device^, and a current New Zealand passport. 

How to open an account

  • Apply to open an account online.
  • After completing the qualifying questions, you’ll be asked how you wish to identify yourself. Select New Zealand passport.
  • We’ll verify your passport details and address via greenID^.
  • We’ll capture two videos - one of your passport, and one of you saying a phrase.
  • When you submit your application we’ll do some final checks and if everything looks OK, we’ll email your account details within the next business day.  
  • Your NetGuard card and Flexi Debit Visa card (if you requested one) will be posted to you. You’ll need to visit a BNZ store to load a PIN on to your Flexi Debit Visa card.