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Using your passport or New Zealand driver licence to open an account

You can use your passport or New Zealand driver licence to start your application online. Then you’ll need to verify your identity in a branch. You must live in New Zealand and be aged 13 or older. We cannot accept screenshots or copies of your ID.

Alternatively, you can complete the entire process online by:

How to open an account

Apply online and finish in branch

  • Apply to open an account online.
  • After completing the qualifying questions, you’ll be asked how you wish to identify yourself. Select Visit branch, then select either passport or New Zealand driver licence.
  • We’ll ask you to enter your passport or New Zealand driver licence details and NZ address. Your address will be verified via greenID^. Your ID must not be expired.
  • If your NZ address can’t be verified automatically, we’ll ask you to upload proof of address such as a bank statement, letter from employer/education institute or bill. The document needs to:
    • display your name and residential address
    • be dated within the last 12 months
    • not be targeted promotional or marketing material.
      • If the document was sent to an address where you don’t reside, you can still use it as long as it also includes your name and residential address. For example, mail sent to your PO Box that includes your residential address is acceptable. 

Verify your identity in branch 

  • When you submit your application, we’ll do some final checks and email you within two business days with a unique reference number.
  • Bring your reference number and your passport or New Zealand driver licence that you submitted online, into any BNZ branch to verify your identity within 30 days of submission. We can’t accept screenshots or photocopies. Our staff will take a copy of your photo ID, verify your identity, and open your account that day.
  • If you can’t meet with us face-to-face, you can have your passport or driver licence certified by an approved trusted referee in New Zealand. The referee needs to see your original photo ID. Email us the certified copy using your unique reference in the subject line. You’ll find these instructions in your initial approval email.

What happens next

  • After we verify your photo ID at a BNZ branch, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details to log in to Internet Banking. You can then set up the BNZ app.
  • If you used a trusted referee to verify your passport or driver licence, we’ll do some final checks and send you a confirmation email with details to log in to Internet Banking.
  • Your NetGuard card, and any Flexi Debit Visa cards you requested, will be posted to you.
  • Link your Flexi Debit Visa card to your new account in the BNZ app to start making purchases anywhere that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay™.
  • Your Flexi Debit Visa card (if you requested one) will arrive at your address within a few days. Your PIN will be loaded onto your card but you’ll need to activate your card. To do that, use the BNZ app, or just enter your PIN at an EFTPOS terminal when making a purchase, or at any ATM.