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Using RealMe

RealMe® is a secure online identity verification service provided by the New Zealand Government and New Zealand Post. A verified RealMe account lets you prove your identity online with participating organisations, including BNZ.

How to use RealMe at BNZ

If you’ve verified your identity with RealMe, you can open a transaction or savings account online^ and start using it straight away in Mobile and Internet Banking. This means you won’t have to visit us in store to prove your identity.  We’ll also confirm your account details by email. 

Benefits of using RealMe at BNZ

  • You can open an account online and start using it immediately
  • You get instant access to Mobile and Internet Banking
  • You won’t have to go in store to prove who you are
  • It keeps your identity safe when you apply online

Learn more about RealMe

Get set up with RealMe 

Go to  and create an account.