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Using RealMe

RealMe® is a secure online identity verification service provided by the New Zealand Government and New Zealand Post. A verified RealMe account lets you prove your identity online with participating organisations, including BNZ.

How to use RealMe at BNZ

If you’ve verified your identity with RealMe, you can open a transaction or savings account online^ and start using it straight away in Mobile and Internet Banking. We’ll also confirm your account details by email. 

Benefits of using RealMe at BNZ

  • You can open an account online and start using it immediately.
  • You get instant access to Mobile and Internet Banking.
  • You won’t have to go into a branch to prove who you are or put a PIN on your Flexi Debit Visa.
  • Link your Flexi Debit Visa card in Mobile Banking to start making purchases anywhere that accepts Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™, while you’re waiting for your physical card to arrive.
  • It keeps your identity safe when you apply online.

Learn more about RealMe

Get set up with RealMe 

Go to  and create an account.