Managing your day-to-day just got easier

Take the hassle out of managing your everyday spending with a YouMoney account, or choose one of our other transaction or savings accounts. 

Our transaction accounts

Manage your everyday spending effortlessly with one of our transaction accounts. See our rates and fees


Our most popular transaction account suits most customers’ everyday banking needs. Create up to 25 accounts, allocate them to different day-to-day expenses or savings goals, and unlock the features of online banking.^ 

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A good option for homeowners. Use the credit balance of your TotalMoney accounts to reduce the amount of interest you pay on your home loan and you could shave years off the length of your loan. 

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Our savings accounts

Whether you're saving towards a goal or for a rainy day, our savings accounts make it easy.  Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly and all our rates and fees are subject to change. See our rates and fees.

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Rapid Save

 Interest rate% p.a. Total rate (-% base + -% bonus)

Earn bonus interest if your balance increases each month (on top of any interest earned) and you make no more than one withdrawal per month.^ Your bonus interest is not affected by any Rapid Save fees. 

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Personal OnCall

 Interest rate-% p.a.

Earn competitive interest on every dollar in your account and be able to access your funds at any time without affecting your interest rate. A good option if you need to dip into your savings from time to time.^ 

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 Interest rates - -% p.a. (-), -% p.a.(-)

Group your everyday TotalMoney accounts together (yours plus other family members) and earn interest on the combined balance.^ 

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Everyday banking for students

From fee waivers to interest free overdrafts, discounted personal loans and more, if you're studying, training or a recent graduate, you're eligible for our student benefits.^

Quick and easy access to your money

Flexi Debit Visa is an everyday card you can use for your day-to-day expenses, online shopping, or overseas wherever Visa is accepted.^

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Award-winning banking

Creating the best banking experiences for our customers is at the heart of what we do. But don’t just take our word for it. 

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Best Everyday Banking

Our award-winning transaction and savings accounts were named “the best value everyday banking in the country” by Canstar in 2015.


Delightful digital experiences

We ranked top in New Zealand for digital banking experiences that customers love in SAP’s 2016 New Zealand Digital Experience Report.

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Outstanding design

Our internet banking and mobile app won Best Effect award for design and innovation excellence in the 2014 Best Design Awards.

Small Print

Account opening and lending criteria, terms and fees apply and are subject to change. Establishment fee and facility fees also apply. A month refers to the period from the last business day of the previous month to the second to last business day of the current calendar month, inclusive. Fees are charged on the last business day of each calendar month and relate to the previous month.

BNZ's standard terms and conditions apply to all BNZ transaction and savings accounts. Full details of each product's terms and conditions are available on request.

  1. YouMoney is only available for individuals and joint accounts. 

  2. For the month that an account is opened, the opening balance is nil. In order to qualify for bonus interest, a deposit must be made to the account at any time before the end of that month. Bonus criteria regarding one withdrawal a month still applies. A withdrawal includes transferring your money from your Rapid Save account to one of your other BNZ accounts.

  3. Personal OnCall is not available for Companies and Trusts.

  4. Maximum of 50 accounts in a TotalMoney group.

  5. How to be eligible for student benefits:

    To apply for student benefits, you will need to have any income direct credited to your YouMoney account and qualify under either of the following criteria:

    • Full or part time students and apprentices (enrolled in at least one paper per semester, for at least 12 months), while you are studying through an NZQA accredited tertiary provider


    • Those who have graduated from such a course within the past 12 months.

    Your eligibility for student benefits expires 5 years after you apply, or 2 years after you graduate, unless you reapply, or discontinue studying (in which case you are no longer eligible for the student benefits).

  6. A $10 annual account fee applies. Foreign currency service fees and overseas ATM withdrawal fees apply when using Flexi Debit Visa overseas.