A transaction account that keeps things simple

YouMoney makes managing your money easy. You can open up to 25 accounts, customised to suit your lifestyle.

All the basics. Covered.

YouMoney has everything you need for an everyday account. Open, close, and create multiple accounts with personalised images and nicknames to stay on top of your finances and budget with ease.

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Move money

Quickly move money between your accounts with drag and drop. It’s especially handy on the mobile app when you’re out and about. Drag, drop, pay. Simple.

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Pay bills

Add photos or logos to easily identify your payees. The people you pay most will appear in your quick pay list so you have them right at your fingertips or even easier, set up automatic payments for free. 


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Quick facts

Connect your account to a Flexi Debit Visa card

Connect up to two YouMoney accounts with your Flexi Debit Visa card and change them whenever you need to with our Mobile Banking app

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Flexi Debit Visa card features

Open an account

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Enjoy paying with your phone 

Start paying in stores, apps and online, with Apple Pay™ or Google Pay™ and a BNZ Flexi Debit Visa or eligible Visa credit card.

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