Get rewarded every day

Earn BNZ Rewards on your everyday banking without having to lift a finger. Or, enjoy preferential service as part of our BNZ Recognition programme, based on your commitment to us.

Rewards from the moment you join

Fly Buys or CashReards

Take your pick between earning Fly Buys points^ or Cash Rewards with a BNZ Advantage credit card^, plus earn Fly Buys points on select BNZ home loans and insurance options so you could have a mixture of both. Here’s how you can earn and spend your rewards

lineart card rewards


Earn on your day-to-day spending when you pay for things with your BNZ Advantage credit card. Choose from Cash Rewards or Fly Buys points. BNZ Fly Buys members collect 6 times as many Fly Buys points a year as other Fly Buys members^.

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Supercharge your Fly Buys points by collecting two lots of points at Fly Buys retailers — just pay with your BNZ Advantage credit card and swipe your Fly Buys membership card in the same purchase.

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Save or treat

You’re able to use your rewards just about any way you can imagine. Turn your points into treats from the Fly Buys store or spend Cash Rewards on something special or watch them add up in a savings account.

The longer you stick with us, the better it gets.

Banking isn’t a one size fits all, and neither is your relationship  with us. That’s why we don’t just look at your account, but instead we award Recognition status based on four key criteria.

deposits & Lending

We’ll take into consideration your total deposits, home lending and credit card spend. 


Recognition for the number of different banking products you have with us.


Acknowledgement of banking with us for the long term. 

Money habits

Consideration for being good with money, like reaching goals or paying off debt. 

“BNZ makes you feel like you matter to them.”

— BNZ Recognition customer

Enjoy the benefits of priority membership

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Jump the queue

We’ll forward your call to the front of the queue, so there’s no waiting on hold. Just enter your 9-digit access number.

lineart pay less fees

Pay less fees

Pay no monthly account fee on your YouMoney or TotalMoney everyday account.

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Double the rewards

Your partner can enjoy benefits too, if you have a joint credit card, everyday account or home loan together. 

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BNZ Dining

Get complimentary access to exclusive dining privileges at over 400 restaurants across New Zealand. Find out more.

Level up with Premium

Premium customers can take advantage of expert advice from our dedicated Premium banking team and top notch service including an annual health check, extra fee waivers, plus VIP rewards.

How to join

We'll get in touch to invite you to join our BNZ Recognition programme as soon as you qualify. 

Contact us

For more information about Priority or Premium Recognition, call our general enquiries line 0800 275 269 and enter your 9-digit access number found on the back of your BNZ credit and debit cards.

Learn about BNZ Recognition benefits in more detail.

Small Print

Lending criteria, terms and fees apply.

BNZ can change or discontinue BNZ Recognition at any time. Customers will enjoy BNZ Recognition benefits for at least 12 months from the date of invitation; we will review membership after that date. If you are already on another BNZ benefits package you’ll receive whichever benefit is better. 

BNZ Recognition, including the extension of BNZ Recognition benefits to your partner or spouse, does not extend to customers managed by BNZ Partners or BNZ Private Bank as they are recognised under these programmes. The recognition benefits only extend to one spouse or partner. If the partner or spouse is an additional credit card holder only with no joint products, the Priority or Premium benefits will not extend to the partner or spouse.

The BNZ Recognition programme has been developed in consultation with existing customers and the associated features and benefits continue to be reviewed through regular customer feedback channels.

  1. Fly Buys terms and conditions apply.

  2. Rewards are earned on eligible purchases, which exclude cash advances, balance transfers, interest charges, bank fees, gambling, betting and lottery transactions, government charges and unauthorised transactions for which you are not liable.

  3. Based on a comparison between the average number of points collected from 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 on Fly Buys accounts that include points for spend with one or more Fly Buys earning BNZ credit cards and the average number of points collected over that period on accounts that did not include any points for spend with a Fly Buys earning BNZ credit card.