Switch your banking to BNZ

Moving all your banking to us is really easy because we do it all for you. 

Choose how you switch

Whether you want to switch your everyday bank account, credit card, or home loan, we can help. We can help you with your switch or you can manage the switch yourself.

Get a refund

When you open a BNZ transaction account we’ll refund your payment establishment fees^ for the first three months. You can take a refund voucher PDF 476KB into any BNZ store to claim this offer, or just ask for one while you’re there. You’re entitled to this offer whether you choose to manage the switch yourself or not.

Earn rewards

You can collect Fly Buys Points^  on selected BNZ  home loans, credit cards and insurances.

Let us help you switch

Contact us on 0800 275 269

Manage the switch to BNZ yourself

1: Open a BNZ account

Apply at any BNZ store. You can also start the application process online or through our BNZ mobile app. You’ll need your IRD number and two forms of identification (one with a photo). Or, if you have a verified RealMe account, you won’t have to visit a store to activate your account.

You can also register for telephone and Internet banking, so you have easy access to your account.

2: Tell the relevant people

Tell your employer(s), and/or anyone else who transfers money to your account(s), your new bank account details. This includes your tenants (if you are a landlord), anyone you own shares with, IRD, Work and Income New Zealand, or any other creditors.

You can download a letter template DOC 24KB that helps you tell employer(s) and/or other people you receive money from, your new account information.

3: Identify outgoing payments

Make a list of all your outgoing payments from your old accounts. Once your new BNZ transaction account is set, you will need to set-up any outgoing payments that you need.

Tip — Look back over the transaction history of your old accounts to find out all the people who pay money into your accounts and all the people you pay money too. You should look back over 13 months so you don’t miss any annual payments.

4: Automatic and bill payments

You can set up all your automatic payments and bill payments through Internet banking if you have registered for Internet banking.

Alternatively, we can set up your payments for you. Bring a list of your payees into your nearest BNZ store. For each of your payees you will need their account number and their name, as well as any references or details to be included on their statements. For any automatic payments, you will also need the date of your next payment and the frequency of the payments.

5: Setting up your direct debits

To move your direct debits to your new account, you will need to contact each of the companies you have a direct debit with individually to tell them your new details.

Don’t forget, when you open a BNZ transaction account, we will refund your payment establishment fees1 for the first three months. You’ll need to take a refund voucher into your nearest BNZ store to claim this offer. Print off the refund voucher PDF 476KB or ask for one in store.

6: Close your old account(s)

Once all your payments and direct debits are set up and your ‘in-coming’ money has been redirected to your new BNZ transaction account, you will need to cancel any payments you had at your old bank.

Tip — It’s a good idea to leave a little bit of money in your old account(s) until you close them, just in case you need to pay any remaining fees.

Lastly, transfer any remaining balance to your new account and close your old account(s).

If you need any help, simply call us on 0800 275 269 (0800 ASK BNZ), or visit us in store.

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Small Print

Account opening criteria apply. Full details, Standard Terms and Conditions and Disclosure Statement may also be obtained free at any BNZ store. BNZ home loan and credit card lending criteria apply. For credit cards an account fee applies. For home loans an establishment or redocumentation fee applies. A home loan low equity interest rate premium may apply. Home loan early repayment charges may apply.