Get rewarded for sticking to your goals

Earn bonus interest with Rapid Save when you increase your savings balance each month^, and make no more than one withdrawal.

% p.a. Total rate
(-% base + -% bonus)
  • Earn bonus interest each month
  • No monthly base fees
  • One free withdrawal a month

A good match for serious savers

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Rewards for growing your savings

You’ll be rewarded with bonus interest for every month^ you make a deposit to increase your account balance and make no more than one withdrawal. The more you can add to your savings, the more interest you’ll earn.

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Help to resist temptation

You'll get one free withdrawal every month. After that you'll be charged $5 for each withdrawal^ which includes automatic payments, transfers between your accounts and card transactions linked to your Rapid Save account.

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Open a Rapid Save account now in Internet or Mobile Banking

If you’re already a BNZ customer and registered for Internet Banking, it’s easy to open a new Rapid Save account in Internet or Mobile Banking. Just log in, and click [+] Add an account, which appears alongside or below your existing accounts.

Tips for getting your bonus interest

Use your Rapid Save account and these online banking tips to reach your goals and be paid bonus interest along the way.

lineart automatic payments

Make deposits on time

Set up automatic payments for free within Internet or Mobile Banking so you won’t need to remember each month to make a deposit into your Rapid Save account to increase your balance.

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Get alerts for withdrawals

Set up a text message notification if you make a withdrawal from your Rapid Save account. Keep it top of mind that you can’t make another withdrawal within that same month without losing your bonus interest or being charged a fee. 

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Stay motivated

Add a savings goal, load a personalised picture and nickname your account to match what you’re saving for. No matter what your goal is, it’s much easier to stay on track with daily visual reminders. 

Rapid Save at a glance

  • -% p.a. combined interest rate (-% p.a. base rate + -% p.a. bonus rate) 
  • 1 free withdrawal per month, and all subsequent withdrawals charged at $5 per transaction
  • No minimum deposit amount required per month
  • Award-winning Internet and Mobile Banking
  • Free alerts

See full list of features and fees

Works best with

Personal OnCall Illustration sml

Personal OnCall

Good for putting money aside and managing your short term or smaller savings goals. Earn the same rate of interest on every dollar no matter what your balance is. Manage everything online, from making deposits, to transfers between your other accounts and you'll pay no fees^.

Term Deposits Illustration sml 2

Term Deposit

Good for supercharging your existing savings at a fixed rate of interest for the length of term you choose.  If you move money from your Rapid Save account to a term deposit, we won’t count it as a withdrawal, so you can start taking advantage of the term deposit benefits whenever suits you^.

Small Print

The Rapid Save rate is only available only for your first $5,000,000 of total deposits held with BNZ. For amounts over $5,000,000, visit us in store to see how we can help. 

Account opening and lending criteria, terms and fees apply. BNZ standard terms and conditions apply to all BNZ transaction and savings accounts. Details of our fees can be found in our Fees Guide. Rates and fees are subject to change.

  1. A month refers to the period from the last business day of the previous calendar month to the second to last business day of the current calendar month. For the month that an account is opened, the opening balance is nil. In order to qualify for bonus interest, a deposit must be made to the account (not including any interest paid) at any time before the end of that month, and must be greater than any withdrawal made. Bonus criteria regarding one withdrawal a month still applies.

  2. $5 withdrawal fee applies per withdrawal for all subsequent withdrawals per month.  A withdrawal includes transferring your money from your Rapid Save account to one of your other BNZ accounts.

  3. Personal OnCall is not available for Companies and Trusts.

  4. Account opening criteria, terms and conditions apply and are available on request, in store or on