Passwords are a fact of modern life. They are especially important for internet banking to ensure we can correctly identify you during the login process.

Everything you need to know about passwords

A password is the secret word or string of characters that you use to gain access to electronic services such as internet banking. Good password management requires you to follow these rules:

  • Passwords are secret and not be shared with anyone
  • Don’t write passwords down anywhere — commit them to memory
  • Bank staff don’t need to know your password and should never ask for it
  • When choosing a password, avoid easily-guessed things like parts of your name, your pet’s name, numbers from your internet banking access code or the street you live in. Try to invent a password that is a mixture of letters (lower and upper case) and numbers
  • For internet banking, you need a password that’s between six and eight characters long
  • Have a unique password for internet banking — not one you use for other things such as getting email or logging into favourite sites
  • If you forget your internet banking password you can reset it from our website using the ‘reset password’ function
  • Change your password immediately if you suspect that somebody has seen you enter it

Want more advice about passwords?

The NZ Bankers Association produces a leaflet called ‘Protecting your cards, PINs and passwordsPDF 733KB.