Jump to the front of the queue, every single time

It’s easier to do your everyday banking online, on your schedule.

No queues. No hassles. No charge.

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Open & close accounts

Opening and closing accounts is in your control, making it easy to create separate accounts for different expenses or goals. 

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Pay bills

Pay people, companies, and the IRD, and save the details of those you pay regularly, so it’s even faster to pay them next time. 

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Create payments

It’s free to set up, edit or stop automatic payments up to $10,000. You can set up payments to your own accounts, or someone else’s.

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Transfer money

Quickly transfer money between your bank accounts or to payees with drag and drop, which allows you to see exactly who you’re paying. 

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Get statements

Find, print and save account and credit card statements, as well as your loan and tax certificates.

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Find transactions

Search for transactions by names or amounts. Print or save individual transaction records, and transaction histories of accounts.

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Set up notifications

Keep track of your everyday accounts, including deposits, withdrawals and balances by setting up notifications to your mobile or email.

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Update your details

Make changes to your personal details, such as your address or phone number, online.

Expert advice is on hand when you need it

Our helpful staff are just a secure message away. You can get in touch with us through Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app. 

Take your banking with you

Check your balances at a glance and transfer money when you’re on the go with our Mobile Banking app^

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