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Making a payment in the BNZ app

You can make one-off payments or regular bill payments up to a maximum limit of $50,000 in the BNZ app. You can also set up regular automatic payments or transfer money between your accounts.

Follow the steps below, watch our video, or use the downloadable guide

Making a payment using the menu

  1. Log in to the BNZ app and select the menu icon (three horizontal lines in top left corner).
  2. Select Make a payment.
  3. In the From field, select the account you want to make the payment from.
  4. In the To field, One-off payment is set as the default. If the person you want to pay is already on your list of saved payees, select One-off payment to see a list of your saved payees to select.  
    For iOS devices, there is no default. Choose either One-off or a saved payee. 
  5. If it’s a one-off payment, enter the payee name and account details. 
  6. Select the box next to Add to payees at the bottom of your screen, if you’d like to save these details for any future payments. 
    For iOS devices, select the Add to payees toggle to turn this green. 
  7. Enter the Amount. 
  8. Choose a Date to make the payment if you’d like to schedule this for the future.
  9. Enter statement details if you’d like to.
    For iOS devices, this will open in a separate screen. Once you’ve entered the details, select Back to return to the payment screen. 
  10. Select Pay to complete the payment.

Making a payment using drag and drop

You also have the option of using a drag and drop option to make payments. 

  1. From the main screen, select and hold on the account you’d like to pay from.
  2. Drag your finger to the account you’d like to pay. Whether it’s another account, a payee (at the bottom of your screen), or one-off payment. 
  3. Enter the Amount
  4. Select the date when you’d like this payment to be made. 
  5. Select Repeat to choose how often you’d like to make this payment. 
  6. Enter statement details if you’d like to.
    For iOS devices, this will open in a separate screen. Select Back to return to the main screen. 
  7. Select Transfer to complete the payment. 

Watch the video

Watch our video on how to make a payment to someone, pay a bill, and save payees with the BNZ app. 


Download the guide

How to make a payment in the BNZ app PDF 460KB