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International payments to New Zealand

The SWIFT BIC code for Bank of New Zealand is: BKNZNZ22. This should be used whenever funds are sent from overseas to BNZ bank accounts.

SWIFT BIC (Bank Identifier Code) codes should be used on all international payments to identify a particular bank or financial institution.

All international payments being made through BNZ must comply with our sanctions requirements. If we need further information in order to meet these requirements, we may contact you, and in some cases this may lead to delays in processing your payments.

Information you’ll need

Your details

  • Your account name (full name) 
  • Your physical (street) address (not a PO Box)
  • Your full account number to be credited

Your bank’s details

Bank of New Zealand
New Zealand


If you’re asked to provide a clearing code for your payment into BNZ, please use: NZ02nnnn - where nnnn is your four digit branch number (see domestic account number formats below).

Payer’s details

  • Payer’s account name (full name) 
  • Payer’s physical (street) address (not a PO Box) 

It’s also important that the payer provides the above details on the payment message. If the payer’s address is quoting a PO Box address, it may be delayed or not processed by BNZ. Payer and payee’s full account names and physical addresses are required for international payments under the AML and CFT legislation. 

Account number formats

Domestic Account Numbers (including the four digit branch number, seven digit account and three digit suffix) should be in this format:

Your account number is displayed on your account statement

Foreign Currency Account Numbers (including the six digit account number and four digit suffix) should be in this format:

Your foreign currency account number is displayed on your account statement

Payments made from the U.S.

What information you need to provide to the sender

You’ll need to provide all of the below details exactly as they appear as this is using correct U.S. terminology. You will, however, need to add in specific details for the ‘Favour (beneficiary)’ section as this details the person receiving this payment.

Pay via Fedwire type code

Pay via Fedwire type code 1000 Customer Transfer utilising product code center.

Pay to receiver 

  • ABA#021000089

For A/C with bank 

  • A/C 10933728

Favour (beneficiary) 

  • RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS (your physical address, they won't accept a PO BOX)
  • BNZ ACCOUNT NUMBER (your BNZ account number)

Further information

Many U.S. banks do not send international payments through SWIFT by MT103. They use the domestic transfer system called Fedwire to enable funds to arrive at Citibank NY (BNZ’s correspondent bank) who will then remit funds through SWIFT network by MT103 (Customer Transfer).

Payments for credit into a Foreign Currency Account should have “DO NOT CONVERT” noted on the payment. 

International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and other codes

Some countries have adopted a standard known as an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

New Zealand hasn’t adopted this standard, so if you’re giving your details, please provide your full bank branch account number and suffix as indicated on your statement.

Other codes that you may see are BSB, Sort Code, ABA Routing Number, Clearing Code or National Clearing Code. New Zealand hasn’t adopted any of the other codes.

Rates and fees

View rates and fees for receiving international payments.